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Personalized PEEP: Options for Getting It Just Right

Complex Information for Anesthesiologists Presented Quickly and Clearly
Source: Anesthesiology

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Chloroforming a Hoosier Holiday Turkey

On Christmas day in 1930, The Indianapolis Star featured the culinary adventures of a bride-to-be from Richmond, Indiana. In attempting to dispatch her plucky-but-unplucked holiday turkey in a humane manner, the young woman had chloroformed the feisty fowl before defeathering and then refrigerating it overnight. As the Star recorded, when “she opened the refrigerator the […]

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Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block “Stoplight” That Lit Up Red

SONOGRAPHIC guidance has increased the efficacy of regional anesthesia and improved safety by reducing the minimum effective local anesthetic volume1; however, block failures still occur due to anomalous anatomy and/or sonographic misidentification of relevant structures.2 The ultrasound image presented (image A) demonstrates the typical “stoplight” pattern of three vertically oriented hypoechoic structures denoting C5 and […]

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Images in Anesthesiology: Diagnosis of Atrial Tachycardia with Transesophageal Echocardiography

A PREVIOUSLY healthy 52-yr-old man was admitted to the intensive care unit for septic shock and diffuse alveolar hemorrhage caused by leptospirosis. He received high-dose norepinephrine (2.2 μg · kg−1 · min−1); the heart rate was 155 beats/min, and the electrocardiogram revealed regular tachycardia with narrow QRS complexes (image A, white arrows). A P wave […]

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Not a Pipe Dream: Crescent Interest in Free’s Vegetable Anesthetic

From his George Street office in York, Pennsylvania, Dr. Harry A. Free promised to “extract teeth without pain, by the use” of his Vegetable Anesthetic (upper left). Advertised on a trade card featuring a sleepy, pipe-puffing crescent moon (right), Free’s proprietary concoction of botanical sedatives extended the anesthetic duration of nitrous oxide. By December of […]

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The Trademarked Red “Elixir of Life,” Hall’s Coca Wine

From the Wood Library-Museum’s Ben Z. Swanson Collection, the obverse (left) of this advertising card for Hall’s Coca Wine features Dudley Hardy’s ca.1916 depiction of a lady apparently enjoying the wine as a so-called “Elixir of Life.” As to “What Is It?” (right), readers learn from the card’s reverse about the “wonderful feats of endurance” […]

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From Horse to Hearse: Tragedy Strikes Laughing-gas Dentist Charles Henry Neall

From the Wood Library-Museum’s Ben Z. Swanson Collection, this trade card’s red rose conceals the drawn bow of Cupid. The young god or at least his bow seems bent on drawing Philadelphians to the Vine Street dental office of Dr. Charles Henry Neall (1834 to 1890), where laughing gas was administered for anesthesia. Unfortunately, Cupid […]

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From “Bagging” Patients to Bagging Dr. Heidbrink, Maker of Anesthesia Machines

Alongside corporate literature, patents, and samples of his Heidbrink breathing bags, did Minnesota dentist–anesthetist Jay Albion Heidbrink (1875 to 1957) ever carry copies of his handwritten memoirs? We can only speculate. What we do know is that “Doctor Heidy” was the most successful American ever to design and mass-produce anesthesia machines. Eventually, decades of Heidbrink […]

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Birth Centennial of Nobel Laureate Skou, an Investigator of Local Anesthetics and the Sodium–Potassium Pump

In 1947 a Danish physician–physiologist, Jens Christian Skou (1918 to 2018, lower right), began working at the Institute for Medical Physiology at Aarhus University. Although his 1951 doctoral dissertation correlated local anesthetic activity with lipid solubility, Skou eventually investigated the physiology of nerves in shore crabs’ legs. In 1957 Skou became the first to discover […]

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Butterfly Vertebrae

Butterfly vertebrae result from ventral ossification failure of a vertebral body during the third to sixth week of gestation due to persistent remnants of the notochord (Image A).1 The vertebrae and intervertebral disks above and below typically compensate for the defect by elongating about the midline (Image B). The defect is often an incidental finding […]

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